Tres Leches, Pionono pie, sauces and special requests. Private dinners. 
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Savory Item  Descriptions and Prices
Mussels For Private parties only. $11 per person. Broth available to go.

Sweetie Peppers filled with Chorizo For Private Parties: $9 per person
 To go: A tray of 40 sweetie peppers to bake at home- $50 

Pork medallions with fruit relish and chipotle mash potatoes. For Private Parties: $21 per person To go: Fruit relish and mashed potatoes... Contact us for price

Shrimp in Brazilian style cheese For private parties: $21 per person
To go: A tray to bake at home $150 (Calabaza also available to go) 

Beef with green sauce For private parties: $25 per person (also available in any other presentation) To go: Mayan Green sauce... Contact us for price

Black bean soup Private dinners: $7 a person
To go: $16 for a quart  Pionono Pie $30 for a half pan (for 6 people) $60 for a pan (for 12 people)

Much more available.  Contact Ticha for special requests and ideas!

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